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Food feedback

Published:  13 July, 2006

On a glorious day in June, we arrived at The Trafford Centre to discover that the Arkwright's Fish and Chip Food Court kiosk had closed and been replaced with Pie! This long talked about change has now taken place courtesy of the Splinter Food Group and the results are very positive.

The most striking thing about the unit is how bright and light it is, immediately drawing your eye to the square cut glass counter and an abundant display of hot pies and slices.

My colleague and I were in the mood for a snack, and we tried the Gourmet Chicken and Asparagus pie, Handmade Cornish Pasty and two soft drinks. The total price came to £4.55 each which initially, without tasting the product, I might have been concerned by. However, both items were delivered in branded 'eating boxes', and were hot and extremely tasty.

In our view, this change in quality, price, packaging and delivery typifies what is happening in the fast food market and the overall experience was more than satisfactory.

Food: ? ? ? ? ?

Service: ? ? ? ? ?

Value: ? ? ? ? ?