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New year footfall down on 2006

Published:  01 February, 2007

Pedestrian traffic across the UK for January 2007 was down 28.8 per cent on December 2006, and on a year-on-year basis it was down 9.1 per cent on January 2006 according Experian.

The predictable end-of-year rise in shopper visits was never set to continue as January saw the traditional fall in shopping trips. Experian believes many consumers are 'shopped out and spent out' after Christmas, while others have already done their January shopping in the new breed of December sales.

Only the more discriminating and less price conscious shoppers are braving the elements to buy this spring's latest fashions, but for others selective shopping, or for certain customer groups the growing pastime of browsing, is back.

January's interest rate rise will have affected shoppers' willingness to make any big shopping trips as thoughts turn to how their disposable income will be hit.

On a regional basis London outperformed the rest of the country. The capital saw a relatively modest 21.08 per cent slump in footfall against December, and the South West and Wales also did well with a 21.79 per cent fall.

At the opposite end of the scale the West Midlands was hardest hit, with footfall declining by 38.99 per cent against December. And next door the East Midlands saw a 34.63 per cent fall in traffic.


=== Retail Footfall Index UK - Jan 2007 ===

Month-on-month (January 2007 v December 2006) down -28.8%

Year-on-year (January 2007 v January 2006) DOWN -9.1%