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It’s child safety first at Festival Place launch

Published:  01 June, 2004

Basingstoke’s Festival Place has introduced the Child Safe Zones safety scheme, which is being supported by Shopping Centre.

The Basingstoke launch is the first time in the UK that a shopping centre, a police force and a borough council have worked together on such an initiative.

The Child Safe Zone protects children inside Festival Place, throughout Basingstoke and across Hampshire.

“Child safety is of paramount importance to us and every shopping centre,” said centre director Bernard Ferris. “Every parent knows the dread of turning round and realising their child is missing.”

The scheme allows parents to pre-register their child’s description, a photo, medical information and contact details. Parents manage their own secure details and can access, or authorise access, at home or on holiday.

If a child goes missing, a quick call means a poster can be created in minutes and emailed or faxed to the relevant authorities.

Among other shopping centres launching a Child Safe Zone recently was the Clock Towers in Rugby.