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The Bentall Centre set to rebuild Car Park B

Published:  10 September, 2007

Demolition of The Bentall Centre's Car Park B in Kingston-upon-Thames has begun with rebuilding work set to be completed and the car park in full service by Christmas 2008.

In February 2005, The Bentall Centre's Car Park B was closed following advice from structural engineers. Bob Ritchie, centre director at The Bentall Centre, said: "Car Park B was originally built in 1969, and although work was carried out to extend it, the life expectancy of the car park was expected to reach its limit around 2005."

Since the closure shoppers have benefited from the continued use of over 1,300 spaces in Car Park A and also Seven Kings with its state of the art technology.

Ritchie added: "The new car park has been designed taking the best elements from Car Park A and Seven Kings car parks, incorporating the Highlight (car guidance) system in Car Park A and the easy access of Seven Kings.

"Come Christmas 2008, both car parks A and B will have had security cameras installed and the centre will be able to boast two of the most technologically advanced car parks in the country."