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Food Feedback: Aiso in MyZeil, Frankfurt

Published:  20 January, 2010

Jonathan Doughty serves up his monthly shopping centre catering review. This month he visits Aiso at MyZeil in Frankfurt.

A new year, a new city and a new project. This month’s review finds us in frozen Frankfurt (can anybody remember the last snow- and ice-free day?), to see how the gastronomy offers were performing in the 10-month-old MyZeil Centre in the heart of Frankfurt. MyZeil, developed by MAB, is located on the famous Zeil shopping street that runs the length of the inner city, and is an architecturally stunning design with a feature glazed roof detail – think Cabot Circus meets Zloty Tarasy.

The fourth floor of MyZeil, named the Gastronomy Boulevard, is almost exclusively dedicated to restaurants and cafés, and is home to 10 offers as well as a Fitness First health club and Vizz family entertainment centre. As well as the retail and gastronomy footfall, visitor numbers are due to increase with the opening of a luxury Jumeirah hotel and a 2,000-population office tower.

Asian-focused food seems to be extremely popular in the city, so, after a day of walking the snow-covered streets, we were in need of something spicy, hot and nutritious. We opted for Aiso, a Japanese restaurant that manages to combine elements of Yo! Sushi, Wagamama and Wasabi, in a minimalist and modern environment.

With four of us eating we had a combination of sushi from the conveyor belt, two dishes of spicy prawn tempura and a dish of chicken tempura, followed by three red curry dishes and a beef rice-noodle main course, washed down with Japanese Kirin beer. It all came to a total of €62.50, a very reasonable spend per head of €15.50.

We were fully satisfied with the quality and service, even though we were the last visitors into the restaurant, and the quality and the quantity of the product certainly hit the spot. Overall, a very enjoyable experience with well executed, authentic ingredients. Despite the Euro exchange rate, it was also excellent value for money.