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Flawless facelift at The lanes

Published:  17 June, 2010

The typically shady and inhospitable environment of underground car parks has been radically transformed in Brighton, where the 350-space ‘The Lanes’ facility has received a welcoming and flawless finish thanks to the Sikafloor System

Developed by Sika, global leader in specialist construction materials, the Sikafloor car park inter deck system was selected for its outstanding surface finish. Previously dark and cracked, the floor now presents visitors with an attractive coloured surface that shines under the lights. Complete with a stylish silver and black parking finish, which eliminates the need for white lines and creates easy definable spaces, the car park now has a safer and more welcoming atmosphere.

Situated in Brighton’s city centre, the newly refurbished ‘The Lanes’ car park, operated by Brighton & Hove City Council, provides parking for thousands of visitors looking to shop and relax in the bohemian streets. The excellent chemical and mechanical resistant properties of the Sika deck system made it ideal for enduring the constant trafficking of cars – ensuring the floor looks great for years to come.

In total, 10,000 sq m of the Sikafloor system was applied by specialist contractor VolkerLaser to the car park decks. It was provided in a combination of silver and black to create a modern design, matching the town’s artistic nature.

The Sikafloor system is quick and easy to apply, which was vital as any closure of parking spaces would have resulted in lost revenue. The project was completed in four phases, one for each floor of the car park, helping to minimise disruption to the client.

Hard-wearing and economical, the Sika System was applied to the floor at a minimum thickness of 4mm. This was important as the original concrete surface was uneven and cracked. The thickness of the Sika system enabled the creation of a smooth, level finish.

With the work taking place underground, it was important to protect the public and the contractors’ health and wellbeing. As Sikafloor products are very low in odour, they offered the perfect decking solution that would provide workers and car park users alike with a comfortable and safe environment while the refurbishment works were being carried out.

Once finished, the system provided not only a stunning appearance, but also created a waterproof system that ensured protection to the concrete structure. The Sikafloor system is part of Sika’s Ecoline range of resin-based flooring products. Produced from next generation low allergy resin, reducing the risk of applicator sensitivity, they are CE marked for performance. They are available in tins and economically and ecologically advantageous drums, that help reduce the amount of packaging required.

While offering visitors an appearance which has visually enhanced the underground car park, the floor acts as a working example of how parking areas across the UK can be brought to life, making visitors feel safer and more at ease.