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Footfall index

Published:  01 September, 2010

The Experian UK FootFall National Index for July 2010 saw a 4.2 per cent month-on-month uplift. Although such an increase had been anticipated due to the annual school summer breaks and summer sales, it was less marked than the month-on-month increase for the same time last year.

The index for July decreased by 0.6 per cent compared with the same period last year.

This year-on year-reduction may well be attributed to the fact that consumer confidence is being adversely affected by worries over the economy, job security and the effect which the austerity measures may have.

And the weather did not help - across the country as a whole July also saw the lowest amount of sunshine since 1998.

The Experian UK Retail Park Index followed the same trend as the UK Footfall National Index in that it showed a month-on-month increase and a year-on-year decrease. However, the decrease of 2.7 per cent from last year is a much more pronounced reduction.

According to Experianís analysts the indication is that consumers are exercising caution during a period of uncertainty.

However they say that an increase in footfall observed during the final week of July will give retailers cause for optimism that consumer confidence is slowly returning, and they are hopeful that this will continue
into August.