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Value stores and mobile phone shops to dominate high street.

Published:  30 March, 2011

Value retailers and mobile phone operators are staking a claim to prime shopping strips across the country

Research by McBains Cooper, the international property and construction consultancy, shows that value brands and mobile phone stores are best placed to take up the vacant space which currently plagues the UKs retail destinations.

"The high street is going to have a very different look about it by the time the retail economy has settled," said Allan Davies of McBains Cooper.

"These dual trends started in the South East in 2007, but they've gathered a real momentum in the regions - particularly northern towns - providing a much needed re-invigoration of high streets, following the void left by the likes of Woolworths, Adams and Ethel Austin.

We know of two mobile phone retailers who plan to open more than 50 new stores in 2011, most of which are occupying sites previously operated by high street icons.

"And the value brands grew from the downturn, and are genetically tuned to managing costs, and developing and designing stores that pack the maximum retail punch per sq ft combined with attractive but no-nonsense design.

"That, combined with tumbling property costs and charges, means they're perfectly placed to re-shape and re-invigorate the high street."