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BRC defends role of multiple retailers

Published:  08 June, 2011

BRC chairman Luke Mayhew says large retailers are a “catalyst” for town centres

Criticism of large and successful multiple retailers has been condemned in a speech by Luke Mayhew, chairman of the British Retail Consortium.

Speaking at BRC Retail Symposium he said multiple retailers play a central role in national and local economies and deserve to be appreciated as the most likely catalysts of high street regeneration.

Urging Government to focus on promoting and supporting town centres for the good of local people and businesses of all sizes, he said: “We should celebrate small and independent shops.  But we should also appreciate large and multiple retailers, who often anchor our high streets and bring the footfall so desperately needed.

“They have managed to open new stores, attract investment and create jobs despite the downturn. To regard the success of these large national businesses as in some way sinister is ridiculous.

“Instead let’s use their growth as the catalyst to revitalise our town centres and provide the right environment for businesses of all kinds to thrive. Penalising the success of large retailers will not help their smaller retail neighbours, who depend on the footfall they draw, or their SME suppliers.”