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Greening shopfitting

Published:  29 February, 2012

Construction waste from shopfitting is one of the biggest sources of waste in a shopping centre – the materials are bulky and can be hard to recycle. But a new guide from the RICS could make the whole  process greener.

The move follows on from a 2009 initiative in the office sector, which now has several hundred projects registered for assessment. With efficiency  now top of the agenda for the struggling retail sector, RICS has introduced a Ska Rating for Retail & Restaurants.

Created with a team of development partners including Whitbread, Royal Bank of Scotland, Green Room Retail, contractor ISG, AECOM, Dalen Strategies, the Association of Interiors Specialists and the National Association of Shopfitters, the tool rates the environmental impact of the fit-out regardless of the base building, assessing areas such as energy consumption, CO2 emissions, waste, water and material use to award a gold, silver or bronze rating.

Freely available online with voluntary certification via a network of accredited assessors, the tool can be applied to projects of any size, in both existing and new buildings, for one-off projects or volume roll-outs.  

The results of three pilot projects: Lush in Birmingham, Wahaca at Bluewater and Nationwide Building Society on Oxford High Street, are proving the benefits of the Ska Rating. All three projects realised efficiencies including the diversion of an average 80 per cent of waste from landfill, use of recycled materials and 30 per cent reduction in energy use, all of which translate directly into savings for the retailers’ bottom lines.

Indeed, clients using the Ska rating on office projects have found not only that the rating has helped engage employees in the process and strengthen their brand image but there have been hard financial benefits – reductions in energy costs of up to 31 per cent and reductions of waste sent to landfill of up to 99 per cent. The message to retailers and landlords looking to deliver efficiencies is clear then – why not see what the Ska Rating could do for your business?  

The Ska Rating is freely available online with optional certification via a network of accredited assessors.  
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