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Martin Blackwell, Chief Executive, Association of Town Centre Management

Published:  22 March, 2012

Martin joined the Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM) in 2004 and has been Chief Executive since July 2010. As a former TCM himself, he now works towards gaining clear recognition of importance of Town Centre Management, to provide members with the support, opportunities, information, experience sharing, knowledge, skills development they need in order to maximise their effectiveness. Previously, Martin was Chief Executive of Action for Market Towns after 20 years in the private sector.  He has also has been chair of the ATCM’s East Region and Town Centre Manager for Great Yarmouth.  During his time there, he built one of the strongest town centre partnerships in the country – a forerunner to BIDs.  He has also experienced commercial life in retail management and is a Member of the Institute of Place Management. He has devised and run a number of training course on partnership building and advises locations on creating and maintaining effective partnership working.