Shopping Centre

Choukroun: “think as a customer and retailer, not just as manager of a shopping centre”

‘Seven ingredients for centre success’

Published:  01 March, 2005

Shopping centre success is the result of the combination of seven ingredients, according to retail analysis consultant Michel Choukroun

At this month’s BCSC shopping centre management conference in Birmingham, Prof Choukroun, of Paris Dauphine University, listed the ingredients for success as territory, offer, senses, surprise, trade, details and future.

On territory, he said: “When you are in a specific country, city or area you always have specific consumers. You must never forget that each person has habits. You need the ability to think as a local person.”

The offer should relate to local consumption, and the senses, he said, needed to be awoken so that customers could smell, hear, see and taste everything in front of them.

He added: “A shopping centre must surprise the shopper and we must think about many things to make this surprise.”

Choukroun insisted centres must face customers and create contact. “The shopping centre will solve the problem of differentiation but only if you really think as a customer and think as a retailer, not just as a manager of a shopping centre.”

He added that it was little details such as welcome desks and customer service that shoppers noticed.

Commenting on the future, Choukroun said: “The future is not for us, it’s for our kids, but it is always important to think about the future and technology.”