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Shopping Centre Footfall Performance: July 2013

Published:  02 September, 2013

Springboard’s Shopping Centre Index shows that the annual decline in footfall recorded in previous month continued in July, with a-2.3 per cent drop from July 2012.

In large part this is likely to be a function of the exceptionally hot weather, as footfall in external shopping locations increased in July - by +2.3 per cent in high streets and by +0.9 per cent in retail parks. And this is substantiated by the fact that in the first two weeks of the month, when the weather was at its hottest, the declines in footfall were the most significant: -4.3 per cent in the first week and -5.4 per cent in the second week. In contrast, in high streets footfall rose by +4.7 per cent and +3.9 per cent over the same two week period.

Footfall fell annually in six regions across the UK in July. In five of these six regions the extent of the drop was at least -3.9 per cent, and in two – Scotland and the South West – footfall fell by over -6 per cent. In only three regions did footfall increase, with Greater London recording the largest rise of +3 per cent, however, at least in part this is likely to be a function of the drop in footfall that occurred in July last year due to the adverse impact of the Olympics on shopper numbers in London.

Notwithstanding the result for July, it seems that shopping centres are experiencing a long term decline in shopper numbers that is accelerating – from an increase in footfall of +0.7 per cent between January and July in 2011, footfall fell by -0.7 per cent over this same seven month period in 2012 which has increased further to -2.7 per cent this year.