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Published:  12 November, 2014

Intu takes the pulse of UK consumers with new nationwide poll

Intu has commissioned a Yougov poll of more than 3,000 UK consumers, looking at the nation’s shopping and leisure habits. This survey will be run every six months to gain insight into how people choose to spend their leisure time and how these habits change over time.

The results paint an optimistic picture of the nation - people are achieving a healthy balance between time spent working, sleeping and having fun. The results showed that despite being referred to as the iPhone generation, people jealously guard time spent with family and friends and will cut back on household chores to make sure that they get enough good quality leisure time.

A key finding is that family time takes priority when choosing how we spend our free time. Beyond the obvious leisure activities of watching TV and reading, six out of the top ten ways we like to spend time involve quality time with family and friends.

However, for the first time, the average British full-time worker is spending more than 50 hours a week working – which now includes six hours at the weekend. Many full-time workers are also fiercely guarding their quality time, cutting back on chores, to maintain a degree of balance to their lives – they are getting a healthy average of eight hours sleep a night and are still managing to find 20-hours of quality free time during the working week.

Reflecting this the traditional distinction between the working week and the weekend is blurring. The average adult is enjoying an average of seven hours of leisure during weekdays, suggesting not everyone is living for the weekend. Conversely 33 per cent of people are firing up their computers or blackberries to do work over the weekend.