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NewRiver completes portfolio deal with Top Gift
Published:  20 October, 2015

NewRiver has signed a portfolio deal across 15 of its 29 shopping centres with mobile phone accessories mall operator Top Gift.

The new kiosks will be located across the geographical breadth of the NewRiver portfolio from The Piazza shopping centre in Paisley to Priory Meadow in Hastings.

The 15 kiosks will offer over 83m NewRiver shoppers a year expert advice as well as mobile phone accessories in what can sometimes be a confusing market. The average smartphone is dropped or experiences water damage within 10 weeks of ownership so it’s a reality that people need to get their smartphones repaired or purchase phone accessories which Top Gift offer with staff that have undertaken bespoke training to enable them to offer product advise and assist shoppers to choose equipment that best suits that needs.

NewRiver Retail’s commercialisation manager Jackie Tracey said: “Our role as shopping centre owner means we have to constantly look at how we can enhance our shopping centre experience at every level and always taking a committed customer first approach. Working with Top Gift provides our shoppers with one the very best mobile phone accessories mall operators in the UK, something our shoppers both want and expect from our shopping centres. Everything we offer in our shopping centres has to be the very best quality and this is one of the reasons we have partnered with Top Gift across 15 of our centres.”