Shopping Centre

Footfall rises as autumn arrives

Published:  11 October, 2016

Change in the weather sparks uplift in shopping centre footfall

According to Springboard's shopping centre index the autumnal weather and the first week post payday had a positive impact on footfall in shopping centres across the UK last week, with an overall increase of +0.2 per cent. A clear change from last year when footfall dropped by 2.0 per cent, the movement from negative into positive territory was driven by improvements in a number of geographic areas across the UK.

The greatest upward movements in footfall occurred in Scotland which moved from -4.0 per cent to +1.9 per cent and the West Midlands where footfall dropped by just -0.7 per cent compared with -8.0 per cent in the same week last year. However, there were some areas in which footfall moved in an adverse direction: in Greater London foofall dropped by -2.2 per cent compared with a rise of +0.3% last year and in Wales the drop of -4.4 per cent was significantly worse than the marginal shift of 0.8 per cent in the same week in 2015.