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Castle walls PR gaffe shows poor timing

Published:  07 March, 2006

A press release reaches these parts at what looks like an inappropriate moment. It carries exciting news about a "specialised walling system" manufactured by Knauf Drywall (KD). This would, of course, be commendable and worthy of comment in itself, but what is particularly interesting is the case study that has been supplied aimed at illustrating the advantages of using this product. Apparently in a little-known retail park affectionately dubbed Castlepoint by its devotees, extensive use has been made of Knauf Drywall systems. It seems certain that prior to the near-collapse of a deck of the scheme's car-park, all and sundry were very happy with the Drywalls that had been supplied.

They probably still are, as KD's walls have absolutely nothing to do with the car park failure that lifted the Bournemouth shopping venue into the list of reasons why certain retailers failed to perform over Christmas. Puzzling therefore that KD should have chosen this moment to inform a waiting world about its mastery of walls that "play an important part in fire protection." The release was dated 7th December, but did not reach our hands until very late in January. A communication slip-up and there is such a thing as being tarred by a very sticky brush.