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WPS provide complete integrated parking solutions with a continuous focus on innovative end-to-end solutions, reliable products and trustworthy support and maintenance providing customers with a tailor-made solution to every unique challenge.

Shoppers brave cold in last-minute Christmas spree

An estimated 12 million shoppers – a fifth of the entire UK population - hit UK malls last Saturday in what financial experts are calling the biggest shopping day in history.

Out of the Big Freeze

The recent snow has underlined the need for the correct equipment to keep car parks and access roads open.

Violence Reduction Handbook launched for retail

The Scottish Business Crime Centre has released the Violence Reduction Handbook - designed to help staff reduce the threat of violence in retail environments – in conjunction with G4S Secure Solutions.

Glazing Refurbishments

Glazing Refurbishment’s Commercial Glazing Maintenance Division provides a comprehensive repair and maintenance service for all types of architectural glazing including glass roofs and rooflights, atria, curtain walling, glazed screens, windows and doors. For glass roofs and windows they also maintain aluminium and lead parapet, kerb and roof weather flashings and high level rainwater goods to include guttering and down pipes.

Food Feedback

Coverpoint’s Jonathan Doughty serves up his regular shopping centre foodservice review. This month he visits the new Cadbury Cocoa House at Bluewater

Spotlight on Training

The recent Swansea manslaughter trial underlined the need for correct training in restraint and conflict resolution within the manned guarding sector

Time for Change

One New Change, the City of London’s first full-range shopping centre, has opened fully let

It's Showtime...

With Christmas approaching the UK’s major centres are pulling out all the stops to bring in the shoppers

Open the box

Pandora, the Danish jewellery company which recently floated on the Copenhagen stock exchange, is expanding fast in the UK

Land of Plenty

Land Securities is committed to remaining a force in retail property, and that means changing the way it works

International Flavour

This month’s opening of the flagship Forever 21 store in Dublin’s Jervis Centre is the latest manifestation of growing demand from international brands for stores in the Republic. And in Spring 2011 it will be joined by Hollister, which is to open its first Irish store at Dundrum.

Standardised Security

Siemens has long been a leading supplier of security equipment, but in a significant change of direction it is now looking to position itself not just as a supplier of technology, but a supplier of solutions.

Life of leisure - commercial leisure attractions are a growing part of the commercialisation mix, but they add more to a centre than just revenue

Leisure is becoming big business in UK shopping centres. The food and dining offer has grown hugely over the years both in size and variety and many larger centres now offer a cinema and a range of other activities and experiences. No longer just places to shop, shopping centres are staying open later and are fast becoming destinations, encouraging people to use them for social experiences and in turn increasing dwell time.

The main event - well-planned events can raise revenue as well as driving footfall

More and more events are being staged at shopping centres up and down the country, creating a point of difference and helping centres to improve dwell time and spend. Most events are free for shoppers, paid for by accompanying promotions, but events with a ticket price can also be successful. So, what are the benefits of events? And how can they feed into commercialisation?

October Footfall Index - Christmas helps increase footfall, according to Experian

Christmas decorations and goods are starting to appear in the shops and it’s no surprise we’re seeing footfall increase as shoppers start to browse and plan for Christmas.

Retail sales value up 0.8 per cent on last year

UK retail sales values were up 0.8 per cent on a like-for-like basis from October 2009, when sales had risen 3.8 per cent.

Theo Paphitis backs Bluewater Smile Campaign

Bluewater has launched the ‘Smile Goes a Mile’ campaign, which aims to highlight the benefits of smiling in delivering outstanding customer satisfaction and a positive working background.

Food Feedback

Coverpoint’s Jonathan Doughty serves up his regular shopping centre foodservice review. This month he visits Barbecoa at London’s One New Change.

Going for Gold

Gold buying has been a feature of malls for several years now. But The Scoin Shop is turning the concept on its head by selling gold coins as an investment

Life after Sixty - how has the Miss Sixty case changed the role of the CVA?

The Miss Sixty case shocked the property industry into fighting unfairness in insolvency practices, but it’s not yet clear how future CVAs will be framed.

Reading the signals - can mobile phone technology change the face of customer counting?

Since the beginnings of customer counting in the early 90’s, technology and accuracy has improved significantly, particularly in the last five to 10 years. Video and thermal imaging methods are tried and tested but each have drawbacks - now an innovative new system that uses the signal from people’s mobile phones to track their path within a shopping centre is on the market with obvious advantages. Could this be the future of customer counting?

Going the extra mile

Car parks are often the first and last points of contact for shopping centre visitors and customer service in this area is often overlooked. So, how can customer experience be improved before people even set foot in the mall?

Ram Vision invest in 3D screens – without glasses

Digital media company Ram Vision, which sells advertising space across 45 UK shopping centres including Metrocentre, Lakeside and Bullring, is working with Free Ray UK to offer 3D screens without the need for glasses.

USL StructureCare & BASF

USL StructureCare and BASF Construction Chemicals have been working together for the past decade to provide integrated solutions for multi-storey car parks.

New gift card at The Frenchgate Centre

The Frenchgate shopping centre in Doncaster has teamed up with MasterCard and Fiat to launch their new gift card scheme.

New Marketing Manager at The Harlequin, Watford

Capital Shopping Centres has appointed Erin Walsh as the new marketing manager at The Harlequin shopping centre in Watford.

Jeremy Waud, Incentive FM

Jeremy Waud, Managing Director, Incentive FM

Following his formal education and further education diploma in business studies, Jeremy developed through the service industry from junior management through to board level of a multi national £500m group of companies. His experience has been wide-ranging throughout his career:

The Way Forward

The benefits of interactive wayfinding signage over traditional static signs are vast and continually evolving as digital technology develops. Touchscreens can now provide a host of real-time information beyond simple wayfinding instructions and with new features including connectivity to mobile phones, the future possibilities are endless.