Shopping Centre
The sustainability revolution

When Shopping Centre launched 20 years ago sustainability was barely on the agenda. But it has come to dominate management practices, finds Sean Kelly

LED leads the way

LED technology is slashing the cost of lighting shopping centres, and the
latest systems are as effective as traditional alternatives

The name game

Bluewater is planning to sell the naming rights to its new events venue.
Will any other malls be brave enough to follow suit?

Collaboration Countdown

The BCSC Mall Commercialisation guidelines are due for relaunch. According to Lend Lease’s Simon Donaldson it’s set to bust myths.

Shopping Spree

Shopping Centre reports from the world’s largest commercialisation event, SPREE in Las Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas

The development of world-class shopping malls has been a major plank of Las Vegas’ plan to widen its appeal from the old ‘Sin City’ clientele. But now that the city is the grip of a major downturn how is the strategy working?

Wakefield wakes up to Trinity Walk

Wakefield’s Trinity Walk shopping centre opened in early May 2011, and it attracted close to 200,000 visitors during its first weekend of trading. The first centre to open since the economic downturn took hold is already 90 per cent let