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Published:  13 August, 2014
EE wifi

Many companies can install and operate WiFi in Shopping Centres, especially if it is an overlay on your own infrastructure.


More important is a WiFi provider that works with the Centre on Branding, Data and Added Value services to improve both the visitor experience and services to tenants.

EE WiFi will give a Centre permission from their visitors to market to them and a vehicle to do this through a validated Mobile number. We can even tell you, in real time, when an individual enters and leaves your Centre, giving you an ideal marketing opportunity.

We can add even more value, through enhanced analytics such as dwell times, footfall, heat mapping of movement around your Centre, visit frequency etc.

We can also use anonymised Mdata from our 27M mobile customers to enhance the data even further, where do your visitors live and work and how do they travel to your Centre.

WiFi can do so much more than just allow visitors to get onto the Internet, as long as your WiFi provider has the vision to help you.

Please talk to us at EE WiFi and let us explore the possibilities with you.

Contact: Graham Cove

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