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Photo-Me - SCEPTRE Awards 2015 - Sponsor
Published:  03 March, 2015

Photo-Me International Plc is an established & successful company with over 50 years experience.

The Photo-Me Group has a worldwide reputation for quality photo vending, operating 26,130 photobooths, in 15 countries. Photo-Me booths provide consumers with a convenient and cost-effective means of obtaining ID photos compliant with the new ICAO regulations.

Photo-Me International is delighted to once again sponsor the SCEPTRE Awards. This year, Photo-Me has sustained its pole position as a supplier of photobooths and coin-operated amusement machines with the addition of new pioneering designs to the product range including NEW 3D printing technology from the photobooth to deliver 3D figurines. Take a picture in the photobooth and receive your stunning “mini-me” figurine. Also, this year Photo-Me will launch a new generation of digital printing kiosks designed by the acclaimed designer Philippe Starck.

The Photo-Me range of photobooths, digital printing kiosks, amusement machines, kiddie rides have continued to attract new customers and have once again been successful in generating increased revenue for the shopping centres.

We are very pleased to work alongside the shopping centre industry, and we wish you an enjoyable evening. 

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