Shopping Centre
Catering the key to mall growth
Published:  30 June, 2015

A third of people will visit a shopping centre solely to eat and drink according to CBRE’s food and beverage in shopping centres report

Shopping centres across EMEA are the preferred destination for eating and drinking, according to new CBRE research. The views of 22,000 consumers in 22 countries across EMEA showed that 41 per cent preferred to eat in shopping centres compared to 10 per cent in restaurants and cafés on the high street, and 7 per cent in retail parks.

A third of those interviewed visited shopping centres with the sole intention of eating or drinking. Four out of ten then went on to shop even if their reason for visiting the centre was just to eat or drink.

90 per cent of those surveyed in UAE and 86 per cent in South Africa rated the availability of food and beverage important with over half (57 per cent in UAE and 65 per cent in South Africa) almost always ending up visiting shops even when food and beverage is the reason for being there. Slightly behind the UAE and South Africa were the views of those in the UK – 65 per cent rated the availability of food and beverage important, while just under half (47 per cent) would end up visiting the shops afterwards.

Andrew Phipps, EMEA head of retail research and consulting at CBRE, said: “It is clear that the presence of a compelling food and beverage offer is key to driving footfall and revenue to a shopping centre. The days have gone when a limited fast food offer or a drab food court was sufficient reason to visit. Now they are a draw themselves and the lure of a well conceived and excellently delivered eating and drinking experience is what really gets consumers excited.”