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ICSC appoints Coverpoint
Published:  25 November, 2015

The International Council of Shopping Centers has signed a new European foodservice mentor agreement with Coverpoint Consultancy. 

Coverpoint, which became part of the JLL group a year ago, provides foodservice advisory consultancy to the landlords and developers of shopping, retail and leisure developments. Coverpoint will support ICSC in Europe to develop a food and beverage (F&B) programme at events and services to provide ICSC members with knowledge, insight and mentoring.

F&B operations are becoming an increasingly important part of the retail industry. Research released by JLL has predicted that retail locations are likely to dedicate 20 per cent of their space to food and beverage operators in ten years’ time.

ICSC will be launching a new F&B pavilion at the Retail Connections event in London on 23rd March 2016 and will provide an enhanced focus on F&B during its annual European Conference, which will take place on 18-19 April 2016 in Milan, Italy. 

Jonathan Doughty, regional director of Coverpoint, said: “Over the last ten years, F&B operations doubled the amount of floor space they occupy in shopping centres. It’s important that the industry stays ahead of the curve, recognising emerging trends in foodservice to benefit from the increased revenue, benefits and dwell time that food and beverage brings. We are excited to be putting this on ICSC’s members radar.”

Sandra de Jenken, ICSC’s European managing director, added: “ICSC members all over Europe will benefit from our new relationship with Coverpoint and we look forward to providing improved F&B information and services at our events from 2016.”