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Foot Traffic Market Association launches
Published:  30 December, 2016

New trade body for traffic counting industry to launch in 2017

January 2017 will see the inaugural meeting of the Foot Traffic Marketing Association, a new trade body that that has been set up to elevate the visibility and importance of using shopper traffic information to measure, manage and drive business in retail stores, shopping malls and other traffic dependent venues.

Founders David Smyth, formerly marketing director at FootFall and Tad Shepperd, co-founder of ShopperTrak) took the decision to set up the FTMA with the support of a number of traffic counting companies based across the US, Canada and Europe.

Shepperd explained: “All consumer-facing businesses that are dependent on foot traffic are having trouble focusing on the importance and leverage potential of basic traffic and conversion rate data. There is a huge, untapped opportunity available to significantly drive business with this core retail data.”

Smyth add: “People coming through the door of a bricks and mortar retailer are fundamental to the success of that business, no matter what they do or where the go once they are in the store. This is the life blood of all retailers”.

The FTMA is holding its formation meeting on Wednesday January 18 2017 in New York, the day after the NRF annual convention. A number of companies have already shown their interest and agreed to attend and the founders hope that many more interested companies from around the world will be able to come along and show their support.