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Boxing Day leads footfall slump
Published:  03 January, 2017

Springboard index shows pedestrian traffic down across the post-Christmas period

In the final week of the year results show an overall decline of -5.2 per cent year on year and -21.0 per cent against the previous week. Undoubtedly the shift in calendar will have impacted the results, in 2015 the week ran from 27th Dec to 2nd Jan and this year the week ran from 25th Dec to 31st and therefore included Christmas Day and Boxing Day as well as New Year’s Eve.

Footfall dropped across all location types with the largest drop of the week on Boxing Day when numbers fell -7.3 per cent against Boxing Day last year and a fall of -14.1 per cent when comparing to the same day (Monday to Monday).

The drop was comprehensive across all location types with retail parks seeing the greatest decline for the week down -6.9 per cent, with all but the East region (which rose +0.5 per cent) seeing fall for the week. Shopping centres dropped -5.1 per cent for the whole week. This week saw a polarisation in performance with a drop of -19.9 per cent on Boxing Day to a rise of +15.5 per cent on Wednesday, the popularity of click and collect purchases could have contributed to the strong uplift following Boxing Day purchases online.

High streets dropped -4.6 per cent for the week with New Year’s Eve from 7pm to midnight bringing the highlight of the week when numbers increased +4.7 per cent. Unlike the other location types, high streets only fell in 6 of the 10 regions with Ireland seeing the strongest performance of +2.6 per cent against last year. Boxing Day numbers were kindest to high streets with a drop of just -2.2 per cent following an increase of +11.7 per cent in 2015.