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Slow start for 2017
Published:  16 January, 2017

The Springboard Index plummeted 4.2 per cent in the first full week of 2017

Springboard’s Diane Wehrle commented: “Let us hope that the second full week of 2017 is not a predictor of the year to come, as it delivered a drop in footfall of -4.2 per cent across all UK retail destinations; a wholly different result from the same week in 2016 when footfall rose by +3 per cent. Without wanting to be over-dramatic, this is the worst result for the second week of the year since 2010.

“Perhaps the most startling result is that the poor overall result is derived from similar rates of decline in all three bricks and mortar trading environments, with a drop of -3.6 per cent in high streets, -3.8 per cent in retail parks and -5.8 per cent in shopping centres. Perhaps least surprising is that shopping centres continue to under-perform which is a trend identified throughout the past year.

“The drops in footfall were virtually universal, spanning all geographic areas of the UK across all trading destinations. Whilst there are generally peaks and troughs from region to region in any week, the nature of the retail landscape means that the overall UK result is heavily influenced by Greater London by virtue of the greater footfall volumes generated. Footfall last week in Greater London declined by -4.3 per cent, a larger drop than in seven of the ten geographic areas of the UK; and the decline of -5.6 per cent in Greater London high streets was the largest of any part of the UK. Certainly part of the reason for the dramatic drop in footfall could be the onset of adverse weather, but train strikes are also likely to have impacted on shopper activity in London”