Shopping Centre
Half term lifts footfall
Published:  20 February, 2017

Springboard Index up 10.9 per cent week-on-week

With the school half term week split across a two-week period across the country it is not as obvious to see the uplift in footfall that it brings, that said, last week footfall declined by just -0.3 per cent against last year, complimented by a weekly rise of +10.9 per cent which is demonstrative of the school break.

In fact every region for every location type saw an increase in traffic against the previous week ranging between +1.8 per cent and +19.4 per cent.

High streets saw the greatest benefit for the week annually with an increase of +0.7 per cent against last year. A positive performance reflected in 7 of the 10 regions with Greater London, Scotland and West Midlands dipping slightly behind. The slightly milder weather of last week with the onset of early signs of Spring may have encouraged consumers to pursue outdoor environments with plenty of choice of leisure and retail.

Retail park numbers continue to decline, with a drop of -0.5 per cent for last week. It is an interesting upcoming challenge for retail parks following on from a two-year legacy of increase to balance the issues of capacity and turnover of a convenience location with dwell and leisure spend. As is a similar challenge for shopping centres, which fell -2.1 per cent last week, with declines in all but the East Midlands and the South East as centres struggle to vie for consumer attention whilst many high streets and retail parks are generating improvement.