Shopping Centre
Footfall weathers the storm
Published:  28 February, 2017

Springboard index shows decline in footfall slowing despite bad weather

Despite Storm Doris ripping across the country last week the half term week (part 2) saw an annual drop of just -1.0 per cent. Weekly, shopper numbers fell -4.6 per cent, indicative of the majority of school calendars aligning to the previous week.

The storm and half term were positive for shopping centres, which recorded an annual drop of just -0.6 per cent for the week. Not only is this the best result of all the location types for the week, this is one of the most promising results for shopping centres for some time and is hopefully a precursor of better performance to come.

High streets saw the greatest dip for the week with a drop of -1.2 per cent, however the East, North and Yorkshire and the South East all saw increases in excess of 1 per cent. The East region alone saw an increase across all location types with an overall rise of +6.7 per cent. Retail park performance slipped once more, with an annual drop of -0.8 per cent, in stark contrast to the past two years, there has not been a positive performance for retail parks overall this year.