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Footfall goes into reverse
Published:  08 May, 2017

Springboard logs 2.3 per cent fall in footfall

According to Springboard’s analysis, given the exceptionally positive performance of the comparative week last year, it is unsurprising that footfall for last week fell across the UK, recording a drop of -2.3 per cent. This is against a week of growth in 2016, which saw footfall rise in all location types with a weighted average increase of +4.7 per cent overall. The exception to this decline was retail parks, which bucked the trend of falls in high streets and shopping centres.

High street footfall divided across the UK, falling -4.2 per cent against last year. Scotland, Wales and Ireland all increased against positive growth last year with an average rise of +3.9 per cent between them but England saw a comprehensive drop against all regions. This is despite a Bank Holiday Monday increase of +2.9 per cent against last year.

The polarisation of performance between managed retail locations continues with shopping centres declining whilst retail park footfall increases. Retail parks rose +1.1 per cent last week, on top of an increase of +2.9 per cent last year with all but Greater London, the South East and South West contributing to this rise. Shopping centres however fell -1.3 per cent against a flat performance of 0.0 per cent in 2016, which is reflective of the performance so far this year, -2.2 per cent year to date versus (just) -1.3 per cent at this point last year.