Shopping Centre
Footfall bounces back
Published:  30 May, 2017

Sunshine draws shoppers to the high street and retail parks, Springboard finds

Set against a considerable annual drop in the same week in 2016, footfall saw an increase in many locations last week with an increase of +0.9 per cent overall. This is in contrast to the annual drop of -3.3 per cent in 2016. Undoubtedly the glorious sunshine impacted the results with outdoor environments of the high street and retail park benefitting from consumers desire to spend time outdoors.

High street environments returned to their form of the year with an annual increase of +1.6 per cent, in comparison to a decline in 2016 of -3.4 per cent. The increase, led by the East, which rose +7.4 per cent, was not universal however with a polarised result across the country; 6 of the 10 regions saw a rise averaging +3.5 per cent with a contrasting decline in the East Midlands of -3.5 per cent and an average drop of -1.6 per cent. This contributes to a year to date result of just -0.1 per cent against last year, a stark difference to the -2.1 per cent at the same point in 2016.

Managed retail property locations continue to provide diverse results however, with retail parks seeing an increase in traffic of +2.3 per cent whilst shopping centres fell -1.7 per cent. Retail parks rose in all but the South West as shopping centres fell in all but the East Midlands and Greater London. This may well, of course be a slight evening out of visitors overall, as retail and shopping parks increasingly diversify to provide environments similar to those of shopping centres and of course occupy exclusively outdoor locations which benefit from warm weather.