Shopping Centre
Holidays lift footfall
Published:  06 June, 2017

Springboard reports rising traffic across UK

The Whitsun bank holiday weekend and school half term week brought a boost to footfall across the country with an annual increase of +1.2 per cent. This is on top of a result of +0.4 per cent for the Springboard Index (the weighted average of high streets, shopping centres and retail parks) for the same week in 2016. This strong performance was reflected in across the individual performance of all location types.

The high street saw six of the 10 regions and devolved nations increasing in traffic with an annual uplift of +1.9 per cent. Despite a drop in high street footfall in five of the past seven weeks the strong performance of the year has resulted in a flat 0.0 per cent year to date against 2016, this display of resilience in the face of challenges from other retail environments and changing consumer habits since 2014.

The flat result for shopping centres of 0.0 per cent, or more exactly -0.003 per cent, is a welcome reprieve in a year of declining performance as high streets and retail parks compete successfully for the share of retail footfall and spend. Despite the outliers of the East region which rose +9.8 per cent and the West Midlands which fell -4.8 per cent against last year, the remaining regions all remained with a stable result of between -1.6 per cent and +1.7 per cent. And the growth continued into retail parks which saw an annual uplift of +0.9 per cent, an increase on the +1.9 per cent for the same week in 2016.